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Founded in 1742, 91Ƭ offers students a private education they will not find anywhere else: personal attention and preparation for life with a record of success longer than our nation’s history.

With small class sizes and expansive academics, 91Ƭ is both selective and accessible, rooted in an education-for-all inclusiveness that we pioneered. The first school to open its doors to women, Moravian has constantly evolved over 280 years and now carries university recognition, reflecting the richness of our undergraduate, graduate, and research offerings.

Open to students of every background and faith, we celebrate our historic roots in the Moravian Church and continue our founders' legacy of crossing borders and overcoming barriers. Set in charming Bethlehem and the picturesque Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania, Moravian is the place for those expecting remarkably dedicated faculty, the latest technology, the warmest of spirits, and the power to truly transform your life. 

Our Mission

91Ƭ’s liberal arts education prepares each individual for a reflective life, fulfilling careers, and transformative leadership in a world of change.

Our Vision

A Moravian education is one of action and doing. It is hands on, where students learn through experiential means in order to be producers of new knowledge. Moravian students work together practicing leadership, teamwork, community support, and reflection in order to significantly contribute to a more equitable and just future society.

Land Acknowledgement

91Ƭ Land Acknowledgment

91Ƭ is located in Lenapehoking, the traditional homeland of the Lenape, which includes Delaware, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and southern New York. We honor the Native inhabitants of this land and their historic and everlasting relationships with it.

Grigsby chatting with students

Our President, Bryon Grigsby ’90

Students walking downtown

Follow the Star

Bethlehem, PA, is home to Moravian, Musikfest, and a can't-miss 90-foot star.